How Much Sex Is Too Much?

Sex is healthy, normal, and fun as part of adult life. Indeed, sexual compatibility and sexual attraction are the basis of various successful relationships. But do you know how much sex is too much? Well, in this article, you will be enlightened about the health benefits of having enough sex with your partner. By taking some pieces of advice from the experts, you will also learn how much sex is too much for anyone.

Based on a published study on “Archives of Sexual Behavior (2017)”, adults may have sex around 54 times on average within a year. Adults may also have sex once or sometimes twice a week. But if you do sexual activities higher than the average number, then you might be asking yourself if how much sex is too much for you. Have you ever crossed your mind about the consequences of having too much sex in life?

According to a professional medical doctor of New York City named Rebecca C. Brightman, having frequent sex is good, and if it does not hurt, then there’s nothing to worry about. Meaning to say, you can have sex up to your heart’s contentment. Just be mindful if it then provides adverse effects to your health.

What are Some Possible Risks and Consequences of Having Too Much Sex?

According to a health expert in California, Sherry A. Ross, having too much sex with your partner may provide physical impacts such as extreme swelling of the labia and vagina. With numerous sexual stimulations, labia and vagina become distended with blood, which leads to extreme pain and swelling because of sexual contact.

Aside from that, a longer sexual intercourse may cause the vagina’s natural lubrication to become dry. Once the vagina is already dried up, there’s now a pain and friction which a woman may feel. It was also added by Dr. Ross that the woman’s vagina would become dry if there’s no proper method of foreplay being done, which is the reason why the vagina becomes wet. Once dry, it is quite painful when having sex, especially during the penetration of the penis to the woman’s vagina.

Experts also pointed out that the dryness of the vagina may oftentimes occur to those women who are already in a menopausal stage, which results to a burning sensation during penetration and sexual contact.

When having sex with your partner, you should always bear in mind that this sexual activity may get uncomfortable, especially if it takes longer. It is because vaginas do not stay lubricated for a longer period. So, if you are having numbness or pain, then it’s a nice option to pause for a while and be contented with the night’s pleasure. Moreover, it is also important to provide yourself with a bottle or pack of lubricant for a marathon or rough sessions.

The Health Benefits of Sexual Activity

Having sex with your loved one provides numerous sexual benefits, and these include the following:

  • Enhances immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the chances of prostate cancer problems in men and incontinence issues in women
  • Raises pain threshold
  • Helps you sleep
  • Reduces the heart attack problems and risks
  • Eases stress

There was a study last 2019 that those adults from 65 to 80 age that a little activity in beds can boost up their brain. Moreover, there was another study conducted by college students that sexual activity can make their lives more meaningful. With these studies, most experts believe that sex is a healthful part of people’s lives.

When to Say that Sex is Too Much?

According to many experts, there’s no exact numerical answer to this question. What is important is that both partners are enjoying doing the sexual activity. In fact, sex affects the brain just like using drugs. It was mentioned by Helen Fisher, a prominent American biological anthropologist, that if you’re having sex with your partner, and you consider it as pleasurable, then it drives your brain’s dopamine system. She also added that during the orgasm stage, there is a flood of vasopressin and oxytocin. These neurochemicals relate to the brain’s attachment system.

At some point, Anthony Kouri, a professional orthopedic surgeon at Toledo Medical Center University, says that asking about this question is just like asking a query on how many bottles of drinks a person should take to be an alcoholic. With this statement, she was just trying to point out that it is not the volume of drinks you take but how this affects your entire life.

Sex is said to be compulsive once you feel the pleasure and its incredible pleasure. But it feels unsatisfied and depleted once it’s over. To simply put it, if sexual activity starts taking over your thoughts and day, and interferes with works or relationships, then you have reached the level of having too much sex.

For you to be able to gauge, know, or assess whether you’re having too much sex for valid reasons, then LaHacienda Treatment Center’s social worker in Hunt, TX, Natalie Burtenshaw, would like to recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to feel much closer to your partner?
  • Do you intend to receive and give love out of doing this?
  • Are you doing this sexual activity to express your desire?
  • Do you intend to avoid your feelings and never want to think about those things that may bother you?
  • Are you looking for some rush that will disconnect you from reality?

Burtenshaw also says that having a line of thinking just like the last one is the same with the people who use alcohol and drugs to forget their problems temporarily.

Many experts like Katie Ziskind also mentioned, a family and marriage therapist in Niantic, CT, that it is essential to listen to your body when defining “how much sex is too much” for you. If you feel infections of pain, then that only means that you are overdoing it. For those women, the vagina can’t restore the pH, which leads to infections in yeasts. Then, this could be another sign that you are having too much sexual activity.

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