Best Sex Position for Beginners

After having sex for the first time, it’s normal for the partners to be curious about other positions in sexual intercourse. The longing to make the partner happy and contented and the need to experience different sensations are good reasons for yearning to innovate first intimate encounters.

Yes, it’s true that there’s a specific feeling of shame or insecurity at the start, which can limit the intercourse. On the other hand, as confidence grows as a partner, the fear fades away, and both look for a way to break the usual routine to get deeper, fuller pleasure and satisfaction.

Simple Sex Positions Ideal for Less Experiences Partners

The practice of diverse positions in sexual intercourse is one way to boost the experience and happiness when having intercourse. By these, diverse sensations are stimulated, almost always depending on the area stimulated or the level of allowable penetration.

A lot of beginning partners out there limit themselves to one position because of lack of information or knowledge or even fear of what their partner says. On the other hand, it is of great significance to know how to improve it, the fact that it’s the way wherein both learn how they feel more at ease and relaxed.

Many sexual positions can assists beginners have more fun and passionate encounters. Now, when there’s little experience, it’s advisable, to begin with, those that don’t need many maneuvers as well as odd movements. So, the question is, what are these positions? Keep on ready to find out.


This is indeed the most renowned sexual position and is considered the most practiced position worldwide. Why? Simply because it is a very comfortable position for a woman, and what is more, it enables a good connection for the couple to be established. It is easy to do, simply lie on your back and relax and wait for the partner to go inside. Missionary is considered a perfect sexual position for first-timers.

Mutual masturbation

According to the founder of Hedonish, a renowned sex education platform, mutual masturbation is an underrated sexual position, however, considered awesome when it comes to pleasing a partner. You get to see your behalf doing sexy stuff, and it can be ideal for those new to sex or those who are playing with a new partner as you get to know who they want to be touched.

Laying side-by-side provides an intimate experience to both of you and enables for touching, kissing, and laying heat to feet can provide amazing views. This also works great despite genital configuration, height differences, and body size; what is more, it is simple to use sex toys and allows partners with body limitations to position, but they are most comfortable.

Legs Up

Another popular sex position for beginners is legs up. You don’t need to worry as there is no need for you and your partner to be acrobatic to carry out this position. All you have to do is to lie on your bed and rest your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Through this way, penetration is deeper, and you are able to experience intense orgasms.

On your sides

Because of this sex position, neither will need to bear the weight of the other. This will be so easy for the partner to move and can establish eye contact at which special moment. This is easy to do; simply lie on your side, in front of each other.  You and your partner need to get closer until bodies come as one and take pleasure to the fullest.


Spooning is considered the most comfortable and romantic sex position, perfect for beginners. If you want to try this position, your partner needs to lie down behind you and come inside in this way while holding tightly, caressing you, and kissing you. This will assure an amazing and remarkable pleasure.

Easy Kamasutra Position

There are more efficient positions than others to reach the climax, and the kamasutra will teach you how to do them. There is an amazing classic in sex. If you’re beginning your sexual life or want to cheer it up, then three simple Kamasutra sexual poses are the best choices. These sexual postures will easily assist you in renewing or start your repertoire. And even if others think of these routine or banal, a lot of couples consider these reassuring. For sure you will love them too.


This sex position offers an exceptional angle for a man’s genital to stimulate the G spot erotically. This is easy to do; a woman will lie on her back. Partner will stand in between her legs and then lift up her buttock to make sure the vagina and penis are parallel. Use the tip of the penis to stroke the clitoris to turn her on, and then start thrusting forward. For starters, it might not be simple to look for the best angle and height for penetration, so it is advisable to put pillows under partners’ back for some adjustments on the height.

Rear Entry Position

This is a remarkable sex position for beginners and to obtain an amazing orgasm easily and quickly. It enables the penis to reach the G spot straight to stimulate an orgasmic response. Your penis gets to contact with sensitive erectile ending on the cervix.


In this sex position, women will get to take full control over the intensity and speed. You can also alter things up by broadening your knees. You can bring them closer to your partner’s body for amazing and unique experiences.


Now that you’ve already been familiar with some of the sex positions for beginners, there is no need for you to wait. No more excuses and lack of knowledge will not be an excuse as these positions are simple to do and perfect for beginners like you. These positions will give you so much fun and, at the same time, deepen the connection between you and your partner.

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