Purple Feet: Everything You Need to Know

Are you currently experiencing discoloration on your feet? Do you want to know what that entails on your body and how you can fix it? In this article, let’s find out why your feet change color from your normal skin color to purple. Here, you will also find ways on how you can treat such issues and when to see your doctor for such problems.

Now, let’s answer all common questions you may have about a purple feet condition.

What makes my feet turn purple color?

A lot of conditions and problems make your feet turn purple and they all range between treatable and a serious health concern.

The most common and possibly one of the least risky causes as to why your feet change color come from bruises in your feet area. With proper treatment and care, your feet can go back to their natural color without having to ever visit a doctor for consultation.

But the problem lies when you did not suffer any injuries leading to the purpleness of your feet. In such a case, call your doctor for an appointment right away to find out the severity of the problem.

Here are a few other conditions attributed to purple feet that could be a cause of concern if not treated:

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