What Is The Average Penis Size

From primitive man to the millennial generation, there is one glaring reality about a man, and that is the source of their ego, pride, and masculinity are their penises, ever since man inclined “sizing up” their being a “man” according to the size of their penis. It is as if a man has two brains, one which is in the head and the other one which is located underneath their pants.

There may be societal and scientific reasons for such over anxiousness of man towards the size of his penis. They may even try to measure their penis if it is on the “average size.”  The size varies when the penis is flaccid or erect. If it is flaccid, it should be 3.61 inches long and 3.67 inches in the conference, and if it is an erect penis, it should be 5.17 inches long and 4.59 circumference to be considered to have an average penis size. This average size for the penis is being derived based on the 15,000 men that were being studied and was being published in the British Journal of Urology in 2014.

Falling short to such “average size” or acceptable size may make one categorize his penis as “too small.” Such mental anxiety may develop into a certain mental disease which is medically termed as small penis syndrome. This is how important the size of the penis is in the man’s mind, but if it is just based on the biological value of the penis, the size does not matter. It may probably matter to boost one’s confidence and the sense of body positivity.  And probably the amazing look in the face of the partner once the man had shown his prowess “ding dong.”

Measuring your penis

Before becoming paranoid about the size of your penis, whether you got the standard size or a micropenis, it is better to measure it. Grab a tape measure that is flexible so that you can wrap it around your pants and let us take a quick way of measuring it;

Measure the top

Start measuring the top of the penis. The “top” is the “bit” that you see when you look down and not the one that runs along with the balls and the taint. You would be lucky if you got a flat tummy, for you will be able to see the top of your penis.

Tip of the penis to the pelvic bone

With the measuring tape, run it through the tip of the penis to the pelvic bone, which makes you press your groin until there is already some sort of “resistance” this is to have any hair, fat skin be compensated.

Measure at the right angle

You can measure the penis, especially when it is straight at the right angle of your body. When it is flaccid, you must stretch it out but be gentle in order not to hurt your most prized member. The ruler must also curve accordingly to the curve of the penis.

Men’s penises differ in sizes

The glaring reality is that men differ, especially when it comes to that very important body part of their bodies. Its size is based on genetics. There is a race, particular bloodline, or genetic lineage that was being showered with that standard size or even more than the standard size. Those men who were deprived of such blessing may not fret, for those that were not being given by the divine creator can be obtained through scientific means.

Medical Means to Increase the penis size

Enlargement Surgery

Other men are even bold enough to exhaust medical resources just to attain their desired size.  One medical option is to resort to penis enlargement surgery. The operation is being done in the penis to the pubic bone that is being attached with the additional ligament. Such an additional ligament that was being attached makes the penis protrude a little bit longer from outside of the man’s body.


It is liposuction in the pubic bone to add a fatty pad on the penis area to make it longer.

Inflatable Penile Prosthetics

This is being done through surgical operation wherein the inflatable penile prosthetics are being inserted into the penis. This medical procedure is being resorted not only to increase the length but also to cure erectile dysfunction.

Though those medical procedures may sound great and promising before you dive into those procedures, it is better to consult with your urologist.

Does size matter?

This crucial question may have been lingering in the mind of the boy even before reaching the age of adolescence. It is primarily not being triggered by any sexual connotation or pleasures or satisfying their partner, but probably it is deeply ingrained in the “sex-macho” culture in society. As young boys, they have been comparing and teasing about the “size” of their penises. It eventually becomes the barometer of how they gauge themselves as men without even realizing the primordial biological value of their “ding dong.”

Except if you are a “porno star,” that there is always a need to flaunt your prized possession to show off the size, but if not, the size of the penis does not matter. The “ I Do’s” are exchange not based on the size of the penis nor of the boobs but based on mutual respect and love. Though a relationship is spiced up by sex and having a good size may be considered as a bonus as you can see the excitement in the face of your partner once you got naked but what still matters most is how you care for your partner.

If you have some clouded doubts as to whether you satisfy your partner or not or you are falling short of her standard, it is better to open the topic with her. Surely your partner is the authoritative person who can directly answer you. Open communication with your partner can bring ease to your doubts and may even boost your confidence.

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