Sunken Eyes Signs and Symptoms

Ever heard of the expression “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”? In a metaphorical sense, this expression only serves to teach people a valuable lesson that personality is more important than everything surrounding the person. And in a medical sense, eyes do tell a lot about how bad the person takes care of his own body.

Sunken eyes are major indicators of a person’s health condition and could be caused by a couple of possible causes. These causes range from simple causes like staying up late often or someone’s genetic makeup to more serious problems like dehydration, excessive smoking, and other major health concerns.

In this article, we shall find out what are the main causes of sunken eyes, how much it affects the body, and how to treat it on your own and also with medical help. Without further ado, let us dive in on how men suffer from sunken eyes.

Signs and Symptoms of Sunken Eyes

You can easily tell that you have sunken eyes as soon as you see yourself on a reflective surface. Symptoms vary amongst individuals who experience sunken eyes, but the following are the common description of the condition among them:

  • hollow eyes
  • darkening under the lower eyelid and the eyes
  • skin starts looking thin under the eyes
  • face looks exhausted

For normal people, aging causes these symptoms to start showing up. It will start to become noticeable once they get in their 30’s or 40’s.

What causes sunken eyes?

Although sunken eyes are not a serious health problem on their own, it is still a very common issue that is also caused by other much more serious health concerns.

Here are a few known problems that cause one to suffer sunken eyes:

  • Aging – the most common cause of sunken eyes is your body’s deterioration over time. The effects of aging also include less dense bones and fat loss within our skins and faces. Because of that, our bodies start to lose everything that keeps our skins in place, thus leading to sunken eyes and other problems.
  • Extensive Loss of Weight – sunken eyes are also extremely noticeable as soon as a huge chunk of body weight is trimmed from your body, especially in one’s face. Not only will sunken eyes be very noticeable on a person after losing weight, but blood vessels may also start to become more noticeable due to the lack of fat in your face.
  • Sleep deprivation – one’s lack of sleep or unhealthy sleeping habits also causes sunken eyes. Practice sleeping early to make sure that your unhealthy sleep patterns will not cause any harm to your body and keep you from looking old and tired.
  • Smoking – not only will smoking cause severe respiratory problems within your body, but it can also cause your skin to loosen and sag. One of the skin parts it affects is those around your eyes, causing them to loosen and look sunken.
  • Allergic Reactions – another cause of sunken eyes are seasonal allergies that can cause your eyes to become sunken. A dark circle that could potentially form around your eyes when experiencing allergies is called “allergic shiners”. Take necessary treatment upon experiencing symptoms of allergies.
  • UV exposure – the sun’s UV rays contribute to the sagging of your skin, which could also cause your eyes to darken and look sunken when overexposed to it.
  • Dehydration – people, especially children, need to properly hydrate for them to not have sunken eyes and any diseases. Teach your children to properly hydrate for you to prevent problems like these to become a huge issue.

When should you consult your doctor about sunken eyes?

If your sunken eye problem persists and continues to worsen despite efforts to fix it, it would be best to consult your doctor and see what the best solution is to your problems. Doctors will be giving you a series of tests, ask about your medical history, and closely inspect your face. Never hesitate to open up about the symptoms and possible reasons why your sunken eyes grow.

After looking at the problem closely, your doctor will conduct some more lab tests to see the severity of the issue around your sunken eyes.

How to stop your eyes from looking sunken?

There are a lot of possible methods of dealing with your sunken eyes and making sure it no longer becomes a problem to your face. One is to use clinical ways to remove it, and you can also use remedies and creams that help lessen these problems. It is very treatable with proper self-care. Here are other few options to do to keep your eyes from looking sunken and dark:

  • Sleep more. Sleep deprivation is a growing problem in the community these days. But it should not matter if everyone is sleeping less as a trend because you still need to do so. Sleeping keeps you from feeling less like yourself and not being able to focus on a lot of things. Stick to a reliable sleep schedule and make sure your sleep is enough to get you through your day.
  • Hydrate more. As said before, sunken eyes are also caused by a person’s excessive thirst. Drinking more water to keep you or your children from also contracting other diseases like lethargy, diarrhea, and excessive vomiting.
  • Apply more sunscreen. The strength of the sun’s UV rays could cause the skin around your eyes to darken and sag. Sunscreen helps prevent it from happening to you, as well as help you from contracting other skin-related diseases coming from overexposure to the sun.
  • Quit smoking altogether. Smoking is one of the biggest reasons why people’s eyes darken, especially those who are addicted to it. Quitting the habit of smoking not only stops you from having sunken eyes but also saves the lives of you and those around you.
  • Eat healthily. For those who are cutting down on weight but have a sunken look in their eyes, they may not be exercising a proper diet to lose that weight. In such cases, choose to eat more vegetables, particularly dark and green ones, to keep your eyes from looking sunken while you are undergoing weight loss.

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